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Why Choose Silk?

Naturally Hypoallergenic
Silk contains 18 amino acids and one of these is sericin. Sericin is a natural repellent that keeps dust mites, bacteria, mould, and other possible allergens away, therefore such germs are unable to cling onto or breed on silk like they can with cotton or wool. Microscopic life is one of the leading culprits for allergy symptoms, which is why silk’s natural hypoallergenic material is perfect for those with asthma and other irritating allergies. Silk sheets also makes it ideal for those with sensitive skin, as its free of potentially irritating chemicals and the smooth texture helps to soothe, preventing any flare ups in eczema or rashes. You will notice that people are very rarely allergic to silk.
Helps With Hot Flashes

Silk is also a breathable material, meaning it’s a natural temperature regulator. Silk duvet inners or silk bed sheets are the perfect material for those who struggle to sleep through hot nights. Especially if you are going through menopause and experiencing one of the most uncomfortable symptoms – hot flashes. A New Zealand sleep study by Sovereign revealed that women are more likely to express dissatisfaction with their sleep than men because changing in hormone levels, such as periods, pregnancy, and menopause all affect the quality of your sleep. Silk fabric has natural moisture wicking properties, and its fibres can evaporate moisture at a super-fast rate. Its little air pockets allow sweat to move through the silk and evaporate in the air, leaving you with a cool, dry, and comfortable night’s sleep.
Serene Sleep
The same Sovereign study revealed that more than a third of Kiwis reported struggling to get a quality nights rest, majority of those aged between 35 – 49. Many experts suggest that bedding can be partly to blame for restless sleep. Other sheets can irritate your skin, invite bacteria, aggravate allergies, bunch up, and get too hot. New Zealand Attitudes and Values Studies, which has been tracking the health of over 15,000 Kiwis, have shown that insufficient sleep can negatively affect our psychological wellbeing, such as quality of life, and increase risks of mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. Silk, with its undeniably long list of benefits has a way to combat all these bedding issues and ensure that you continue to have a serene sleep, night after night.
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